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Posted on: October 12, 2017

Town Board Public Hearing - 2018 Budget

2018 BUDGET 

Notice is hereby given that the Preliminary Budget of the Town of Victor for the fiscal year of 2018 has been completed and filed in the office of the Town Clerk at 85 East Main Street, Victor, New York, where it is available for inspection by any interested person during all regular scheduled office hours.

The Town Board of the Town of Victor will hold a Public Hearing on said budget at the Victor Town Hall, 85 East Main Street, Victor, New York at 7:30 P.M. on Monday, October 23, 2017. At such time, all citizens wishing to make comments, written or oral, on said proposed Preliminary Budget are asked to come forward.

At the same Public Hearing, comments for or against the entering into a contract with the Village of Victor to provide fire protection for the Town residents within the Victor Fire Protection District shall be heard. The proposed cost of such fire protection for the 2018 year is $513,865.15.
The following is a summary of the entire Preliminary Budget for 2018: 

Total Appropriations                                        $15,291,255.00

Less Estimated Revenues                              $8,526,824.00

Less Unexpended Balances                           $2,314,412.00

Amount to be Raised by Taxes                       $4,450,019.00 

Further, notice is given pursuant to Section 113 of the Town Law that the following are the proposed yearly salaries of the Town Officers of the Town of Victor: 

Supervisor                                                       $87,676.83

Town Clerk                                                      $52,000.00

Council Members each, (4)                             $10,716.81

Highway Superintendent                                 $79,169.89

Justices each (2)                                             $40,984.27 

This by order of the Victor Town Board.

Dated: October 11, 2017
Renee McConnell, Interim Town Clerk

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