Beginning Monday, April 5, 2021,

The Highway and Transfer Station/Recycle Center will be changing to their Spring/Summer hours.

Road Construction Season - Please Go Slow

Slow Down Road Construction workers flaggers with slow sign wearing orange safety vest

Town Highway Department

The Town Highway Department is responsible for general maintenance of all town dedicated roads. This includes paving and sealing, cleaning ditches, tree and brush trimming in the town rights of way, mowing roadsides, and plowing and salting during the winter months. In the spring the highway crew vacuums gutters and intersections where needed.

The Highway Department also manages the fuel system that provides fuel for the town, village, Fire Department, and the Victor Farmington Ambulance Corps.

Safety Reminders

Do not follow tow trucks too closely. Keep a safe distance behind any large vehicle. If you cannot see their side mirrors, they cannot see you.