Board of Assessment Review


  • Fourth Tuesday of May


Current board members and their term expiration dates are:

  • Janene Sweet - September 2027
  • Danielle Ferri - September 2023
  • Karen Polidor, Chairi - September 2025
  • Sue Stehling - September 2024
  • Myriam Contiguglia - September 2026

About the Board

In accordance with Section 523 of the Real Property Tax law all local governments of a town and/or village, that is a local assessing unit, shall appoint a three to five person Board of Assessment Review (BAR). The job of the board is to hear any person who is aggrieved by the assessment that has been placed on their property or the removal / denial of any real property tax exemption.

At the meeting, the property owner or an authorized representative has the opportunity to submit a RP-524 grievance form entitled Complaint on Real Property Assessment and supporting documentation, which the BAR will base their decision whether to lower an assessment or grant a real property tax exemption. Additional information is available at the NYS Real Property Tax Service website or a document prepared by the Town entitled BAR How To Prepare.

A complaint to the Board of Assessment Review is a prerequisite to judicial review of an assessment.