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View & Print Town & County Tax Bills Online

Please use the link below to find your property tax bills in On Cor:

How to View Your Tax Bill through Ontario County OnCor - Please read these directions first if you are unfamiliar with OnCor.

Ontario County Online Resources (OnCor)

To View Ontario County Tax Bills through Systems East

Tax Bills through Systems East, Inc

Town & County Taxes - Paying Online:

Town of Victor property owners can pay their Town and County taxes online using a credit card. This system allows you to view or pay your taxes online using Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

The Town of Victor accepts credit cards in person for municipal payments, fees apply.

Ontario County has switched to Systems East, Inc for the 2023 town and county tax bills. 

2023 online payments will be made through The processing fees are as follows:

  • customer pays a fee of 2.85% + $0.40/transaction with credit card

Payments will be accepted January 1, 2023 through March 31, 2023.

Online Tax Payments

You may pay your taxes online by using Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit & debit cards (Fees Apply). By law the town is not allowed to pay the transaction processing fee (collected by the web service provider) therefore it must be paid by the user. Please be assured that every precaution has been taken to make your online transaction safe and secure.

Please Note: When entering information (Property Address, OR Owner Name) choose only one option. If searching by name just enter last name, or if by the property address just enter the number of the address and then select the correct one if several properties are listed.

Tax Bills & Payments

The Receiver of Taxes in the Town of Victor collects taxes for BOTH the Combined Town & County tax bill and the Pittsford School tax bill for properties located in the Town of Victor.

When are Taxes Due?

The tax deadlines are the same every year and property owners are responsible for the taxes whether they receive a bill or not.

The Combined Town & County tax bill is mailed on the last business day of December and due by January 31st every year. During the month of January, Canandaigua National Bank will accept full payments only.  

The Pittsford School tax bill is mailed on the last business day of August and full payments are due by September 30th every year.


At the Town Clerk's Office counter, acceptable forms of payment for taxes include cash, personal check, certified or cashier's check, and money order. Credit card payments are also accepted with a fee. The fee is charged by the payment processor not by the Town of Victor. We do not accept post-dated checks, they will be returned and may be subject to penalties.

If you wish to pay with a credit card, you may do so on the Town of Victor’s website. Please note that there is a convenience fee for all online payments using a credit card.

Drop Box:

For your convenience there is a drop box located at the rear of the Victor Town Hall. Payments by check can be placed in the drop box. Payments collected will be considered received on the prior business day.

Mailing Payments:

Make you check payable to “Victor Tax Receiver” and PLEASE list a working phone number should the office need to contact you about your tax payment.

Mail Payments to:

Town of Victor
Attn: Victor Tax Receiver
85 East Main Street
Victor, NY  14564


New York State Real Property Tax Laws govern tax collection. The United States Post Office Postmark date determines whether a payment is on time. Any payment postmarked on or before the due date will be considered on time. It is strongly suggested, if payment is mailed on the due date, to walk into the Post Office and have the date hand stamped by a Postal Employee.

Metered Mail:

Tax payments delivered by the U.S. Postal Service after the due date that do not contain an official U.S. Post Office Postmark but rather a “postage meter” mark are not considered timely; the received date will be used as the date of payment.

Victor Central School

Link for Victor Central School Tax Bills