Boughton Park Permits

Park Permits for Victor Residents

Permits for Boughton Park are required. If you need a permit, please stop at the Town Clerk's Office with proof of residency and your vehicle registration to qualify for your permit. 

You must apply to the Town Clerk in the township where you live.

To obtain a Boughton Park hang tag permit at the Town Clerk's Office you must provide the vehicle registration for each vehicle you want a permit for. If your vehicle registration does not have your current Victor address, you must provide documentation that you are a Victor resident/property owner. Acceptable proofs are: closing papers, lease agreement, utility bill or property tax bill. Please be aware that if you have a Victor mailing address but pay taxes to another municipality you may not be eligible for a permit. Each household is allowed three (3) Boughton Park permits

Please remember your hang tag permit must be visible when you are parked or you may receive a ticket.

Additional Materials

Permit, Event & Boat Rack Regulations

Park Use by Permit ONLY

  • Free permits are issued by Town Clerk to residents of the Towns of East Bloomfield, West Bloomfield and Victor.
  • You must apply to the Town Clerk in the township where you live

  • All permits must be displayed prominently

Boughton Park Hang Tag Permit Process - New:

  1. When applying for a new Boughton Park Hang Tag Permit:
  2. You must bring your driver's license, car registration and proof of residency to the Town Clerk's office where you live
  3. A new tag will be issued

Boughton Park Hang Tag Renewal Process:

To renew your expired hang tag permit:

  1. You must bring in your expired hang tag to the Town Clerk’s Office.
  2. There will be a $5 charge if expired permit is not returned at the time of renewal
  3. You must bring your driver’s license, car registration and proof of residency.
  4. A new tag will be issued.

East Bloomfield Dog Control Law

As of November 2014, the Town of East Bloomfield has adopted a Dog Control Law that pertains to all dog owners within the town limits. This includes Boughton Park. All owners must be in complete control of their dog at all times while in Boughton Park, as well as anywhere within the Town of East Bloomfield. Contact the East Bloomfield Town Clerk at 585-657-6515 for a copy of the Dog Control Law, Local Law Number 2 of 2014.

Event Policy
The Boughton Park Board of Directors periodically receives requests for organized group events within the Park. It is difficult to predict the impact of these events, i.e., size of the group, needed parking, the number of other visitors in the park, etc. As a result, the following policy applies to all group events in the Park:

Organized town groups (churches, scouts, Bloomfield or Victor School classes, etc.) should contact Member Claudia Walsh by email at: at least two months in advance, to discuss specific details for any desired Park event.

For other private groups and organizations, the following rules apply:

  • The maximum size of the group is 25 people.
  • The maximum number of cars for the group is limited to 10.
  • Either or both parking lots may be used, however the maximum still applies.
  • The Stirnie Road picnic pavilion may be used. The reservation system should be used by contacting Member Claudia Walsh by email at: as early as possible, as this is a limited resource available to all residents.
  • No permanent or temporary structures can be brought in or constructed in the Park for any event.
  • A representative of the event must make a request and provide documented details to the Boughton Park Board of Directors at least 2 months in advance of the planned event date.
  • Depending on the size, the group must pay in advance, the rental fee for any additional porta-johns on site during the event. The Boughton Park Board of Directors will schedule the drop off and pickup of the unit.
  • Only 1 event can be scheduled on any one day in the Park. First requested is first granted.
  • The group must identify one responsible individual to act as contact for the Town and Park. This representative will attend the event and be responsible for the event and its use of the Park before, during, and immediately after the event (i.e., including cleanup).

Donations to the Park are always welcome.

All other Park rules and regulations apply, including:

  • All parked cars must have a tag and be within the two designated parking areas.
  • All fishing is CATCH & RELEASE ONLY
  • No alcohol in the Park.
  • Swimming is prohibited anywhere in the Park.
  • This is a carry-in carry-out Park. Nothing is to be left in the Park after the event.

Special Use Permits

Groups of 25 or more require Special Use Permits. These permits are issued by the Boughton Park Board of Directors. Applications shall be in writing including dates, specific use, and insurance coverage where applicable. Contact Member Claudia Walsh by email at: for more information.

Boat Rack Policy
Applications will be accepted at the East Bloomfield Town Hall, beginning the 2nd Monday in March of each year.

Applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis, with preference going to:

  • Handicapped first
  • Seniors Citizens second
  • Opened to all if spaces are left
  • Permits may be picked up by April 15th
  • Permits that are not picked up by April 30 will be given to the next person on the list.
  • All boats must be removed by November 15th or they will be moved to the barn at a cost of $15 and charged a daily rent in the amount of $5 per day with a maximum of $100.
  • The canoes will be considered abandoned by January 1 and will be sold at auction on April 15 of the following year.

Canoe/Boat Permit holders are required to use their slips by July 1st or forfeit the permits. Usage will be monitored and if it is observed that the slips are infrequently utilized, the permit may be revoked and the slip assigned to another user.