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The Town of Victor features an extensive trail network to help people get out and explore Victor’s natural spaces. Whether you’re on the trails for recreation or alternative transportation, we hope you enjoy your experience!

Trails can be found in nearly every corner of the Town, from those in Victor’s parks, to former railway corridors, to discrete connections in between homes and businesses. The trails vary from hardened-surface pathways, such as the Auburn and Lehigh Valley Trails, to natural surface trails with a more primitive feel. Users are encouraged to navigate the multi-modal system by foot, wheel, or by any other human-powered means. Many of the shared-use trails are excellent for hiking, walking, running, and viewing nature. Some of the trails, such as those at Dryer Road Park, have been developed primarily for mountain biking and make Victor a prominent regional destination for off-road cycling.

The Town of Victor is proud of its trail system and we welcome your feedback. With our community partners, we are consistently working to expand and improve Victor’s trail system to help make Victor a great place to visit and live!

Wooded Trail
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Adaptive Mountain Bike

The Road to Inclusion: WXXI Interview (link to WXXI)

Update Summer 2022

In addition to our regular trail maintenance and a number of smaller construction projects, we are proud to announce the opening of the adaptive-friendly mountain bike trail at Dryer Road Park! The new, machine-built trail helps make local mountain biking more inclusive, and it’s enjoyable for anyone from beginners to experienced riders. The Town of Victor has a high-end, adaptive mountain bike available for public use – please contact Dylan Reed to arrange a ride. Also, the signage along the greenway trails has undergone yet another phase of updates and replacement, with an emphasis on the Rules of the Trails signage. We hope everyone has enjoyed getting out on the trails often!

Trail Planning

Periodically, the Town of Victor and our community partners engage in trail planning with the general public. Stay tuned for opportunities to provide feedback and get involved!

  1. Town of Victor Code - Chapter 148 Parks
  2. Town of Victor Code - Chapter 149 Off-Road Vehicles
  3. Town of Victor Code - Chapter 169 Smoking

Town of Victor Code - Chapter 148 Parks (link to code)

Below is a selection of Town of Victor Code for reference:

148-1 Applicability.

This article shall apply to those lands owned by and under the control and supervision of the Town of Victor which are dedicated or otherwise devoted to active or passive recreation. The use of the terms "park" and "trail" in this article shall mean and include all parks and trails presently or heretofore operated within the Town of Victor. 

148-2 Hours.

Parks and trails shall be open to the public every day of the year from dawn until dusk. The hours of parks that include year-round lodges and restrooms may be adjusted upon express permission of the Town of Victor Department of Parks and Recreation as necessary to accommodate facility reservations and Department of Parks and Recreation sponsored activities. 

148-7 Domestic animals.

Domestic animals, including dogs and cats, must be on a leash, and horses are not allowed in parks or on trails at any time. Dogs must be in compliance with the Town of Victor Dog Code at Chapter 90 of the Victor Town Code. 

148-9 Littering.

Littering is prohibited, and all refuse shall be deposited in receptacles placed at intervals within parks and trails. 

148-10 Hunting or molesting animals.

No person shall hunt, molest, harm, frighten, kill, trap, pursue, chase, tease, shoot or throw objects or projectiles at any animal, wildlife, reptile or bird, nor shall be remove or have in his possession the young of the wild animal or the eggs or nest or young of any reptile or bird. Fishing activity in all man-made ponds shall be catch and release. Fishing licenses must be obtained (as required) from New York State. 

148-13 Ejection from park.

Those persons within the boundaries of parks or trails, whether using its facilities or not, are subject to the rules and regulations contained herein and may be ejected from parks or trails in the event that they violate any rule or regulation. 

148-14 Enforcement.

This article shall be enforced by any park or trail attendant that may heretofore or hereafter be authorized to enforce this article by the Town Board. This article shall be enforced by the Police Departments having jurisdiction in the Town of Victor.

Auburn Trail

The Auburn Trail occupies a historic railway corridor of the Auburn and Rochester Railroad and stretches 9 miles through Victor from Pittsford to Farmington. The wide, stone dust trail is ADA-compliant for inclusive recreation and an excellent destination for walking, jogging, cycling, viewing nature, snowshoeing and more. Sights along the trail include the Irondequoit Creek, wildlife, murals, train-themed sculptures, and the historic trestle bridge. 

As an initiative of the Parks and Recreation Department, the Town of Victor received Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP) grants totaling $2.3 million dollars for the design and construction of this multi-use trail. Project activities included stone dust surfacing of the entire trail, restoring a stone arch culvert in Fishers, providing way finding and interpretive signage along the trail, establishing numerous parking areas (at road crossings), and constructing plazas at key intersections.

Auburn Trail Marker 86

Lehigh Valley Trail

Similar to the Auburn Trail, the Lehigh Valley Trail has a wide stone dust surface, which is suitable for walking, hiking, running, biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. The Town’s portion of the former Lehigh Valley Railroad corridor is approximately two miles in length and travels from Lehigh Crossing Park to the Victor-Mendon town line. Those adventurous enough can take it west to the Genesee Valley Greenway. There are convenient parking areas located at road crossings. The Town and Victor Hiking Trails completed construction of a pedestrian and bicycle bridge on the former Lehigh Valley Railroad trestle at Phillips Road in November 2007. This feature enables trail users to enter from the rear of Lehigh Crossing Park and enjoy its many recreational opportunities.

Lehigh Trail Trestle Bridge

Dryer Road Park

One of the highlights of Victor’s trail system is Dryer Road Park. The Town of Victor was home to the first shared-use trail network in the Greater Rochester area that was developed primarily for mountain biking. Cultivated in partnership with local advocates, this model project demonstrates how volunteers can help co-create off-road cycling facilities that promote healthier lifestyles and attract adventurous visitors and new residents alike. Dryer Road Park also features picnic and restroom facilities, a pumptrack, dirt jumps, and the area’s first machine built trails.

Many More to Explore!

In addition to these highlighted trails, please check out Victor’s Parks and our Trail Map Information section (in the tab above) to discover many more favorites.

Biker on Dryer Road Park Track

Support from the Community

Victor Hiking Trails

hill with tree logoFor over 30 years, Victor Hiking Trails, Inc. (VHT) has been helping to plan, build, and maintain an extensive trail network across the Town of Victor. VHT’s visionary work has helped to preserve many trail corridors from development through trail easements, and VHT has hand built much of Victor’s 70-mile trail system and related infrastructure such as bridges and boardwalks. In addition to public trail work sessions, VHT also hosts a variety of other guided hikes and educational events to help promote trail culture and outdoor appreciation. The Town of Victor is thankful for VHT’s continued presence and partnership! For more information and volunteer opportunities, please visit: Victor Hiking Trails.

Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists

GROC LogoFor more than 15 years, Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists (GROC) has partnered with the Town of Victor in creating sustainable, shared-use trails. Their work has been focused on helping cultivate mountain bike-primary facilities at Dryer Road Park and has helped establish Victor as one of the premiere destinations for off-road cycling in Western NY. GROC regularly hosts trail work events to help maintain the trails and the Town of Victor is thankful for their support! For more information and volunteer opportunities, please visit: Genesee Regional Off Road Cyclists.

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