Mailbox Repair / Replacement Policy

Homeowners are responsible for snow removal around their mailbox. This allows mail to be delivered and the opportunity for plow operators to see the mailbox. Unfortunately, mailboxes are damaged yearly by the heavy snow and ice as it is being removed from the roadway. It is a New York State Attorney General ruling that mailboxes are private property placed in the public right-of-way, however mailboxes damaged during snow removal by the town crew will be repaired or replaced by town highway personnel. Damaged mailboxes from privately hired snow plow operations will not be repaired or replaced by the Town.

Replacements will consist of a four-inch pressure treated post and cross arm and an aluminum box. The town will not replace anything other than a mailbox and post as described. Owners wishing to make their own repairs will not be reimbursed. The town highway would like to thank you in advance for your help in making snow removal safer and easier for all involved.

The Town is not responsible for damage from plowing operations to basketball hoops or any other property placed within the Town right-of-way.

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