Comprehensive Plan

After countless meetings, input sessions, rewrites and material review the Town Board unanimously adopted the revised Comprehensive Plan at the Monday, August 24, 2015 Town Board meeting. The completion of the plan was accomplished through a collaborative effort of the Comprehensive Plan steering committee, transportation, land use, and economic development focus groups, residents, consultants, and Town staff.

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to identify who we are, what is important to us, and set goals and objectives to guide decision making for the years to come. It is a way to identify what is most important to the Victor community and to provide a framework in which to direct resources towards.

The Plan includes a number of import elements such as a community profile in chapter 1 and key themes such as community character, growth management, green infrastructure, and transportation to name a few. These subjects among many others are found woven throughout the document within chapters 2-8. Chapter 9 consists an inventory of all the strategies throughout the document broken down into four phases of implementation. The Comprehensive Plan also contains fifteen appendices including but not limited to the Town’s Natural Resource Inventory. The Town Board also adopted the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan on August 24, 2015 which is comprised of several select portions of the Comprehensive Plan. Although everything within the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan may be found within the Comprehensive Plan a separate stand-alone document has been established for easy reference.

The rules and regulations laid out by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation require a State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) be done before the Town Board can adopt the plan. The Town Board opted to do a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS). The draft EIS analyzed potential significant adverse environmental impacts relating to transportation, open space, and community character as they pertain to the implementation of the 19 Phase 1 strategies in Chapter 9. Public comment was collected on the revised draft plan and the draft EIS as noted in the below timeline. The responses to those comments may be found within the final EIS As required to satisfy the last SEQR EIS step, the Town Board adopted a Findings Statement on August 24, 2015. All the SEQR documents associated with this project are available on the “Plan Documents” webpage.

The Victor Town Board wishes to thank the numerous residents and staff who worked on the project and efforts contributed to the Town’s adopted Comprehensive Plan. Please contact the Project Coordinator for Planning and Building Kim Kinsella via email or 585-742-5040 for information on the implementation phase of the project.

Key Dates
August 24, 2015Town Board adopts SEQR findings, Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan, and Comprehensive Plan
August 10, 2015Town Board adopts the FGEIS
July 24, 2015Public comment period ends
July 13, 2015Combined Public Hearing is held for the DRAFT Comprehensive Plan, Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan, and DGEIS dated June 2015
June 24, 2015Public comment period starts
June 22, 2015Environmental review per the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQR), Article 8 of the Environmental Conservation Law
March 16, 2015Town Board workshop to discuss the comments submitted during the December 22nd-January 30th public comment period
January 30, 2015Close of written comment period on draft plan
January 26, 2015Public Hearing continuation
January 12, 2015Public Hearing on proposed Comprehensive Plan and draft Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan. The draft Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan is comprised of select portions of the draft Comprehensive Plan. There is nothing in the draft Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan that is not in the Comprehensive Plan. The NYS Department of Ag and Markets prefers Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plans to be standalone documents resulting in a combined public hearing.
December 22, 2014Town Board calls for Public Hearing and receives written comments through January 30th
December 9, 2014E-document posted to Town website
December 8, 2014Workshop to present revised Comprehensive Plan to Town Board. See “Plan Documents” webpage for meeting minutes, presentation slides, and draft plan.
August 11, 2014New Director of Development, Katie Evans requests additional time from the Town Board to work on the draft plan with planning consultant Mark Tayrien. Although the content in the document is exceptional, due to the way input was provided by the various committees the document lacked consistency in the presentation of information as the draft lacked transition from one chapter to another. Concerns relating to the practicality of implementing 71 strategies identified in five years were also identified. Each chapter was worked on by a separate committee or task force resulting in some information being repeated from chapter to chapter. These issues can be addressed with slight modifications.
Fall 2012-Summer 2014The Town Board appointed members to Transportation, Land Use, and Economic Development Task Forces for the intention of working through issues relating to each topic. Comments from each group were incorporated into the draft plan by the town’s planning consultant, Mark Tayrien, AICP of LaBella Associates.
September 24, 2012Public Hearing on proposed draft plan, received written comments through November 1, 2012. After the hearing, the board agreed it was necessary to hold additional workshops and established task forces on transportation, land use, and economic development. The task forces will meet to discuss issues identified by public comment and the Town Board.
September 10, 2012Town Board workshop to review the draft Comprehensive Plan, Town Board calls for a Public Hearing on September 24, 2012
July-September 2012Series of public workshops were held intended to evaluate and discuss the strategies and recommendations proposed within the draft plan in an open and transparent forum. The workshops covered the following:

  • Overview of the regulatory strategies proposed for open space preservation in the draft plan. This workshop was presented by Mark Tayrien, the Town of Victor Planning Consultant, from LaBella Associates.
  • Additional regulatory tools available for land use and open space preservation including open space preservation efforts successfully implemented in other communities using purchase of development rights, incentive zoning, and performance zoning techniques. This workshop was presented by Peter Vars, President of BME Associates and Bruce Boncke, CEO of BME Associates.
  • Discussions and responses from the town board regarding the information presented during the first two workshops on the various approaches to open space preservation. This workshop was presented by Mark Tayrien, the Town of Victor Planning Consultant, from LaBella Associates.
July 9, 2012Comprehensive Development Plan Advisory Committee presented their final draft proposal of the Victor Comprehensive Development Plan to the Victor Town Board.

Thank you for your continued interest in our community! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Town of Victor Planning and Building staff via email or 585-742-5040 if there is anything we can do for you.

Last revised September 2, 2015