Modock Springs


The town board officially established the Modock Springs Citizen Advisory Committee at its October 22, 2007 meeting with Resolution 369. The board officially adopted Resolution 259-2008 on July 14, 2008, the Modock Springs Value Protection Plan as recommended by the Modock Springs Citizens Advisory Board. On November 10, 2008, the board passed Resolution 377-2008 designating eligibility for funding within the Modock Springs Value Protection Plan.

Problem Statement

The statement below defines the issues that prompted the actions taken and formation of the committee.

An unknown quantity of volatile organic solvents was introduced into the groundwater near a gravel pit sometime in the late 1970, early 1980 time period. The contamination was initially identified in 1990 during routine testing of the village water supply located 2 miles away at Modock Springs. The use of the spring for potable water was discontinued at that time and the only known contaminated well was switched to town water. Intermittent investigations over the next 17 years identified a much larger scope of contamination with an old non-definable source located on the active gravel pit property. A prominent and somewhat inflammatory newspaper article about the site in early 2007, has resulted in a great deal of anger, angst, and fear in the community. The result has been a huge increase in response from the local and state leaders, the NYDEC, NYDOH, and active community leaders. Part of the local town response has been a call to form a voluntary committee of citizens to assist in finding solutions to the multitude of issues that have arisen.

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