Fire Safety Information

Spring Burn Ban

By Robert Graham, Fire Marshal

As spring arrives folks are often eager to clean up the winter debris, which frequently includes clearing dead vegetation and disposing of collected materials. We appreciate the pride our residents take in preparing their properties for summer, the entire community benefits from a well groomed property. As we undertake these projects, it is important to remember a few fire safety rules.

  • The Fire Code of New York State only allows the disposal of natural twigs and small branches by fire. All other combustible materials are required to be properly disposed of. You may wish to call our Town Recycling Center @ 585-742-5094 for more information on proper disposal options.
  • March 16 - May 14 All burning is banned by the Department of Environmental Conservation. No burning is allowed in this time period. PLEASE REPORT OPEN BURNING TO 911.
  • Further information at NYS DEC
  • Watch the Firewise Open Burning PSA Video on YouTube

A word of caution to those who choose to burn.

  • Non-compliant fires reported to the fire department are normally extinguished by the Fire Department upon arrival. The Fire Department normally notifies the DEC and or the Fire Marshal/Code Enforcement which may issue a Notice of Violation, resulting in a possible fine levied by the Courts.
  • Please remember, the person lighting the fire is responsible for all damages caused by the fire, even a legal fire. In other words, if you light a small pile of brush on fire, a gust of wind comes up and spreads the fire to your neighbor’s property, you can be held responsible for damages.
  • Combustible or flammable liquids should never be used in the igniting of a fire.
  • If your clothes catch fire, Stop, Drop, and Roll. This continues to be the best method of extinguishing a clothing fire. Notify 911 immediately, even for small burns. A burn injury is very dangerous to the human body.
  • Smoke inhalation is also very dangerous. Did you know if you are burning poison Ivy, the smoke can transfer the poison to your lungs? This may result in acute and chronic conditions that require hospitalization.

For more information about fire safety or burning regulations, please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 585-742-5035. And please, always remember the famous words of our friend Smokey the Bear, Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

Mulch Fire Risk

Hot, dry and breezy weather creates ideal conditions for mulch and ground cover fires. Please be very careful with all ignition sources including smoking materials, barbecues, and use of fireworks. For more information, please contact Fire Marshal Robert Graham at 585-742-5035.

Grass Burning Fire Lawn

Smoke Alarm Information (4-page PDF)

2023 Smoke_alarm_flyer page 1

Prevent Bathroom Fan Fires (PDF)

Prevent Fan Fires

Every year the Victor and Fishers Fire Districts respond to several fires caused by ventilation fans. Please watch this video warning of the potential hazard if not maintained properly. If anyone has any questions, please contact the Fire Marshal.