Punch Card Requirements

Residents must purchase a 5-punch card to dispose of large items or construction/remodeling debris:

Proof of Victor residency and registration to vehicle is required

This is for large items/construction type materials, garage and basement clean-outs, mattresses, wood, carpets, shingles, furniture, plastic toys.


Punch Card Sample

EFFECTIVE 1/1/2024 - Cost - $135 for 5 punches

1 punch = Large item

  • air conditioners, furniture (sofa, large chair, mattress, box springs, entertainment center)

1 punch = One (1) pickup truck OR car OR utility trailer - load of remodeling/construction debris, miscellaneous items from garage, or basement clean-outs

  • Rugs, wood, dry wall, linoleum, tile, paving brick, cabinets, windows, doors, roof shingles, etc.
  • Any trailer OVER 10’ will be charged 2 punches depending on load size
  • No rocks or concrete
  • Absolutely no dump trucks or dump trailers

2 punches = Utility trailer larger than 10’ long OR a truck/car + utility trailer

***METAL, TIN, ALUMINUM, BRASS,OR COPPER CAN BE RECYCLED AND WILL NOT BE COUNTED AS A PUNCH. (This includes metal appliances except for refrigerators and air conditioners. They can be taken to ALPCO Recycling)

Note: if you have a large item plus car or truck or utility trailer of debris it will be punched accordingly.

Punch card is non-replaceable if lost or stolen

Punch card is non-transferable

Only one (1) punch card will be issued to residents per permit year

Alternative Sources for Construction Debris & Large Item Disposal

Drop Off Sites    
ALPCO Recycling 315-986-8900 www.alpcorecycling.com
High Acres Landfill 800-333-6590 www.highacreslandfill.wm.com
Dumpsters / Bagster    
Bagster - Waste Management 888-275-1401 www.thebagster.com
Dumpster - Waste Management 888-275-1401 www.wm.com
Dumpster - Casella 888-459-6934 www.casella.com
Affordable Dumpster Rental 585-318-2708 www.affordabledumpsterrental.com
Expert Dumpster 585-310-5117