Victor's 2017 Picture Identification Contest

For the contest, the nine close-ups of businesses or public locations around the Village of Victor had to be identified. All were easily seen in a walk through the Village.

Pictures were submitted by email with the numbers one through nine and addresses or identification of each picture.

The tied winners were: Fred Salsburg & Janet Jameson - each received a Gift Certificate donated by Bob Kelly.

This contest was sponsored by the Town of Victor’s Historic Advisory Committee.

Victor's 2017 Picture Identification Contest

Picture 1

Picture 1 section of a brick wall that is different color than the rest

Picture 2

picture 2 words and numbers on concrete

Picture 3

picture 3 is a section of fencing

Picture 4

picture 4 the end of a gold horn

Picture 5

ornate section of concrete piece looks like a flower swag

Picture 6

picture 6 green cross hanging from neck of a sculpture

Picture 7

Picture 7 metel red circle around red curved piece

Picture 8

picture 8 two square and two round ornamental details

Picture 9

picture 9 two black coils of metal
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