Village Revitalization Plan

Vibrant Victor – a community that attracts visitors and residents alike to its downtown with a variety of restaurants, unique shops, cultural venues, green space and living space. This is what the Village Board was envisioning when earlier this year we adopted a plan prepared for us by Dadras Architects of Liberty NY, a firm that specializes in downtown revitalization. While not a formal comprehensive plan, the Updated Village Revitalization Plan describes what we would like our village to look like in the future and provides a broad blueprint for achieving this.

The Architects spent several days and many hours visiting Victor and interviewing stakeholders – members of the various village boards, business owners, landlords, and residents to determine what we wanted for our community. In addition, they reviewed and analyzed an earlier revitalization plan prepared by Saratoga Associates, the Route 96 Transformative Corridor Strategic Infrastructure Plan, the Town of Victor Comprehensive Plan, the Commercial Code Audit, and draft changes to the Village Zoning Code. Upon completion of this work they developed six main goals for the plan and presented them to the Village Board. These goals are:

  • Preserve and enhance the Village’s historic character and identity;
  • Improve the local economy/economic opportunities and existing tenant mix;
  • Develop better connections (traffic, parking) throughout downtown;
  • Attract more visitors/tourism in the downtown area;
  • Create opportunities to build the Village’s arts and cultural offerings and venues;
  • Add residential capacity to the greater Village.

Each goal has sub goals and suggestions for achieving them along with potential costs, possible funding sources, who would be responsible for implementation and suggested time frames.

This summer a group comprised of representatives from the Village Board, Planning and Zoning Boards, the Urban Renewal Agency, Village DPW Director John Turner, and Local Development Corporation Executive Director Kathy Rayburn met to begin charting a path forward for the Village Revitalization plan.

Implementation - In the near future there will be public meetings and opportunities for comments from residents. Sub committees that include residents and business owners may also be formed to assist with implementation. 

Revitalization Plan Cover Page
MSRP Part 2 Building Reuse Studies Cover Page

The entire plan is available to review at the Village Hall during business hours and on the links below:

Main Street Revitalization Plan (MSRP) (pdf)

MSRP Part 2 Building Reuse Studies (PDF)