Organics Recycling

NEW 2023 ORGANICS ONLY PERMIT (bucket exchange and tree, leaves & grass disposal)

  • $100/year
  • For residents who only want to use bucket program and tree, brush & leaf disposal area

Bucket Exchange Program for Compostable Wastes

Reminder to all Transfer Permit holders. The Town of Victor has adopted the Bucket Exchange Program for diverting food scraps from the landfill through Impact Earth. This waste is taken to local farms and vermicomposting facilities and turned into compost material.

Impact Earth Flyer

If you are interested in being a part of this program, and are a Transfer Station Permit holder, please stop by the Transfer Station office, building "B", to get more information and receive a clean bucket or call the office at 585-742-5094.

Another option is to participate in the Impact Earth Residential Curbside Service.

Anyone interested in backyard composting can purchase a compost bin through Ontario County Recycles 

Composting Educational Materials

Ontario County Backyard Composting Book (PDF)