Lehigh Crossing Park Project

Project at Lehigh Crossing Park

We are blessed with over 70 miles of multi-use trails in Victor. That makes our trails accessible to our residents with a quick walk, a bike ride or a 5–15-minute drive to a trail head. The trails are well maintained by our Department of Parks & Recreation along with dedicated work crews from Victor Hiking Trails and Genesee Regional Off-Road Cyclists who work routinely on various trails systems within the Town and Village. Recently, a small volunteer committee has formed to do some less strenuous work to enhance the parks and trails in various ways. It may be installing a purple martin box, a bat house, or removing invasive species in strategic places to give better scenic views or help protect riparian habitat and, of course, to encourage the regrowth of vital native plants. One ongoing project is to improve or repair existing signs or to put in place new signage along the trails. Work parties are often on Tuesday or Thursday mornings. These are fun and rewarding groups for volunteers to join.

One long term project is located at Lehigh Crossing Park off Victor-Mendon Road / NYS Route 251. The focus at present is on the man-made pond that can be a great spot to find tadpoles, turtles, birds and other wildlife. An open grassy field provides a picnic area, and the Lehigh Trail that passes by is frequented by walkers, runners and bikers. Unfortunately, the area immediately surrounding the pond is heavily inhabited with Phragmites aka Common Reed, as well as some Autumn Olive, another all too common invasive species. At this site, a group of VHT members are embarking on an effort to do what can be done to restore the beauty of a wetland habitat in one of our popular parks. Lehigh is away from the noise of the nearby streets. As work progresses, it can be an improved site for passive recreation and quiet observation of our local fauna and flora.

The plans include adding more logs to the pond to provide basking and perching for turtles, birds, dragonflies and other wildlife drawn to a pond. The group is also working to remove some of the invasive plants to free up the existing willow and dogwood shrubs, and to give the Joe Pye Weed, Asters, Golden Rod (an especially important plant for wildlife that does NOT trigger allergies) and other native plants the help they need to flourish. Plans also include the addition of some native wetland shrubs and a small pollinator garden with perhaps some funding assistance from the Ontario County Soil and Water District. By adding a few bird houses, we will encourage cavity dwelling birds to take up residence around the pond. Some signage will be placed as the project proceeds to help educate anyone interested, especially children and families. Please visit Lehigh Crossing Park if you have not been there. And please think about offering a hand once in a while or more frequently if you are able.

Contact: secretary@victorhikingtrails.org or visit the Victor Hiking Trails website.

Your neighbor,

Barb Starr

Lehigh Crossing Park Project Photos

Moving Logs with tractor
Logs in pond
Logs in pond
Logs in pond
Volunteer Crew