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The Victor Town Code is available in searchable format on the General Code Publishers website. If you encounter problems accessing the code using AOL or Compuserve, access the General Code Publisher's help page for assistance.

Questions about the code should be directed to the Victor Planning and Building Department at 585-742-5035.

Information regarding New York State Electrical Code is available on the New York State Division of Code Enforcement and Administration website. New York State Consolidated Town Law can be found on the New York State Assembly website.

Town of Victor Local Laws - 2022

All Local Laws, after adoption by the Town Board of the Town of Victor, shall take effect immediately upon its filing with the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of New York.

LL 1-2022 Override the NY Tax Levy Limit for 2023; Adopted 1/24/2022

LL 2-2022 Chapter 79: Opting Out of Allowing Cannabis Retail Dispensary Licenses within the Town of Victor as Authorized Under Cannabis Law Article 2 (eCode; General Code); Adopted 12/27/2021

LL 3-2022 **NEW LAWS** Amend Chapter 180 Streets and Sidewalks; Adopted 8/22/2022 (PDF)

Existing Chapter 180 Streets and Sidewalks (eCode; General Code)

LL 4-2022 **NEW LAWS** Amend Chapter 90 Dogs and Chapter 148 Parks (PDF); Adopted 9/12/2022

Existing Chapter 90 Dogs / Existing Chapter 148 Parks (eCode; General Code)

LL 5-2022 **PENDING** Amend Chapter 188, Article I Senior Citizens Exemption & Article IV Disabled Persons with Limited Income Exemption (PDF); Adopted 9/12/2022

LL 6-2022 **PENDING** Amend Part I: Administrative Legislation/Policy - Adding section, Videoconferencing (PDF); Adopted 9/26/2022