What is in the lodge at VMP?

The lodge is 2,000 square feet and includes women's and men's bathrooms, a kitchen with an oven (no stovetop), microwave and refrigerator, a "Great Room" with a gas fireplace and lots of natural lighting, ten 8-foot folding tables,  100 folding chairs and a series of retractable doors that open up to a view of the pond and amphitheatre.

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1. What is in the lodge at VMP?
2. Will I be able to reserve this facility for a birthday party, graduation party, wedding or family gathering? If so, when and how much will it cost to reserve the new lodge?
3. I am a non-resident, can I reserve the lodge?
4. Do you allow alcohol in the facility?
5. Do I pick up a key to gain access to the lodge for my reservation?
6. How many people can I have at my rental?
7. Do you allow tents and "bounce houses" to be set up outside the lodge?
8. Can I have a live band or disc jockey (DJ) at my event?
9. I see that you have a picnic shelter at the park. Can this be reserved as well? If so, how much will it cost to reserve the picnic shelter at VMP?
10. In addition to the lodge & picnic shelter, what other type of recreational activities can be found at VMP?